My mod past – Mods Mayday and all that

Here’s me in my mod days, back in 1979 with the band Beggar (as heard on the outer chart troubling Mods Mayday album). I’m the bloke on the left.

I’d clearly started to move on from mod by the time the second picture was taken and was already heading for the ‘Electric Eighties’ (my next band was an electropop affair signed to RAK Records – home of Kim Wilde!). More obscurity beckoned!

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  1. hi,hope you don’t mind,i have put one of the pics of beggar on my great mod revival page on facebook,the pics are great,never ever seen any studio pics of the band before,only live pics,also is there any studio recordings of the band?only got the tracks on mods mayday,love all things mod from that period,please let me know.

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