Football, Electric Ballroom and the Albert. Alright!

Another top weekend!

Naturally buoyed by Cardiff City dispatching Colchester 2-1, Friday saw me (and a small crew of u75-ers) heading up to the Electric Ballroom to enjoy the attitude-free fun of the ultra-goth/cyberpunk ‘Full Tilt’ night. And much fun was had – all those foxy, stripy tight-clad ladies! Phew!

Saturday was shopping day followed by a quaff in the Albert and then up to one of the best nights to be found anywhere in London – the People’s Republic of Disco event at the Windmill, Brixton. You bring along any two records you like (don’t even think about trying to play it cool and turning up with the latest Hoxton 12″) and people dance/vote accordingly. It’s a top night and nice to be in a bar where everyone’s got a big smile on their faces! Respect!

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