New photos! Chichester, Barry Island, Porthcawl and more!

Not sure how, but I managed to completely forget about my trip to the Heckington Annual Show in Lincolnshire, so I’ve finally managed to get the pictures online here: Heckington Show

It was a bit of an odd place to visit: a real country yokel affair with trotting donkeys, racing camels and performing dogs.

Chichester, West Sussex

Also new on the site is some photos from Chichester, West Sussex. It’s a really pretty town with a huge cathedral and a rather groovy 1950s railway station.

Check out the pics here

Barry Island

Also up are some photos from a small seaside town where I spent a large chunk of my childhood – the not-exactly glamorous Barry Island

Rest Bay, Porthcawl

I also spent time at the rather more obscure Rest Bay as well as Porthcawl just down the road…

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