Offline Club, Brixton Dogstar – photos

Thursday’s Offline Club at Brixton was one of the best for a long time. We had a great line up with the incredible MORTON VALENCE, a massed throng of ukes with the DULWICH UKULELE CLUB, fast-rising hip-hop with LADY LYKEZ and the floor filling skiffle delights of THE SEVERED LIMB – plus underground no-budget independent film screenings with FLIXATION.

Here’s a few pics

And this is why we do it!

OFFLINE club at the Dogstar Brixton, Coldharbour Lane, Thursday 12th November 2009, urban75 club night, London with Morton Valence, the Severed Limb, Dulwich Ukulele Club, Lady Lykez and Flixation film club plus DJs, and video

More photos here. Next Offline is at the Brixton Albert on November 20th.

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