Out now! BrixtonBuzz mag – a new listings monthly for Brixton

Out now! BrixtonBuzz mag - a new listings monthly for Brixton

Hitting the streets of Brixton this morning is the new BrixtonBuzz magazine – an independent, 28-page, A5 print mag listing all the clubs, gigs and other events around Brixton for the entire festive period.

Out now! BrixtonBuzz mag - a new listings monthly for Brixton

The mag covers the period from Friday 14th December to 1st Jan 2013, and contains over 120 Brixton event listings, a pub guide, our ‘Best Of Brixton’ award, local features and info – and the mag is totally FREE!

The BrixtonBuzz website has been maintained by Rich and I for over a year now, and a few months ago we started providing ‘best of’ listings to the mighty fine Lambeth Weekender print newspaper.

We felt that there was also room for a pocket-sized, monthly mag concentrating on music and nightlife, so the BrixtonBuzz mag was born!

The feedback has been very positive indeed so far, so we’re feeling suitably encouraged to look at producing a regular monthly version from Feb 2013.


Where you can pick it up

We’ve already distributed the mag around many central Brixton venues and locations so you should be able to pick up a copy from the following places (* indicates that there was good stocks this morning):

*Kaff, Atlantic Road
*The Lounge, Atlantic Road
*The Dogstar, Coldharbour Lane
*Prince Albert, Coldharbour Lane
*Market House, Coldharbour Lane
BEM Music, Coldharbour Lane
Cafe Sifitis off Coldharbour Lane
Satay, Coldharbour Lane
*Federation, Brixton Village
Around Brixton Village
*Brixton Library (in foyer)
Ritzy Cinema (upstairs)
White Horse, Brixton Road
Caffe Nero, Brixton Road
*Windmill, Blenheim Gardens

Want to stock the mag? Send us a mail and we’ll drop some around!

We need your help!

We will also be handing out copies at Brixton tube station from around 5.30pm tonight for a couple of hours and would really appreciate some help. If you think you could spare the time, please drop me a line and I’ll get back to you!

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