Save our libraries videos: Brixton library and more

Save our libraries protest outside Brixton Library, Feb 5th 2011

Well worth five minutes of your time is this short video (below) filmed outside Brixton Library showning how the community is fighting to keep libraries open across the UK.

Filmed on 5th of February 2011 during the nationwide ‘Save our libraries’  day of protest, the film shows just how much of a loss the library would be to the local community.

More videos in support of libraries:

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  1. It breaks my heart to see the Brixton Library Go!! as a boy just turned 14 years of age 1940 soon to serve my country at war. I go next door to Woolworth’s and buy my first pair of long legged Pants and then run next door to Tate Library to show my Sister who was getting books How proud i was and how she said “Take them back they look like Drain Pipes” Please don’t DESTROY MY MEMORIES.

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