Save Lambeth Libraries – please sign the petition

Save Lambeth Libraries - please sign the petition

The evil Tories and their pitifully useless lapdog chums in the Lib Dems have got another great idea up their posh, public school-educated sleeves: close down the libraries!

Our insider tells us that the Lambeth staff are all on gagging orders to keep schtum about what’s going on, but this is an important fight, so please sign the petition below:

Save Lambeth Libraries

Save Lambeth Libraries Across the country libraries under threat. Many councils are already drawing up plans to close libraries down, to replace trained staff with volunteers or to stop providing mobile library services altogether. Lewisham have recently announced the closure of five treasured local Libraries.

This new attack comes after years of neglect. Many councils have been under-investing in this vital service for years. Spending on new books, and the total book stock has fallen by more than 15% over the last ten years across the country.

In the last year alone, the underinvestment in Lambeth Libraries has meant closures from power failures, staff shortages, heating failures, broken doors and toilet floods, blocked fire escapes and collapsing ceilings and water flooding in through leaking roofs.

We must protect our libraries from cuts and closures. We must force the council to invest in books and buildings and staff to make a library service Lambeth deserves. Please sign this petition to Save Lambeth Libraries, keep services public!

[Sign the petition here]

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  1. As a regular user of Waterloo Library and member of the reading group, I feel strongly that Waterloo Library should be saved. As a smaller library the running expenses cannot be as great as the larger libraries in the borough and it does provide a community focal point for this rather deprived part of Waterloo.

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