Stop The Killing Of Cyclists – Die-In and Vigil at TfL HQ in London, Friday 29th Nov

Stop The Killing Of Cyclists - Die-In and Vigil at TfL HQ in London, Friday 29th Nov

After six deaths in the space of two weeks this month, London’s cyclists are fighting back and have called a major protest to put pressure on  Transport for London to make the streets safer.

Stop The Killing Of Cyclists - Die-In and Vigil at TfL HQ in London, Friday 29th Nov

This Friday, 29th November, cyclists are invited to a ‘mass cyclist die-in and vigil’ outside TfL’s HQ at The Palestra Building, 197 Blackfriars Road (opposite Southwark Tube Station), south London.

5pm Vigil
5.30-5.45 Die-In
5.45-6.30 Rally and Vigil.

Here’s the cyclists’ demands:

– We need Amsterdam levels of money spent per person on London’s Cycling Safety NOW.
– Cycling Organisations need at least 2 formal Board Members on TfL Board.
– We need ALL Boroughs to be spending at least 10% of their Mayoral approved transport budgets spent on cycling infrastructure.
– We need all Borough and TfL Transport Heads qualified to deliver Dutch Style safety or be fired.
– Children, pensioners and inexperienced adults should not be forced to share space with HGVs and Buses.
– We need a FULL Integrated safely designed segregated cycle network in London within 5 years.
– ALL dangerous junctions need to be redesigned to Dutch standards ASAP.
– Ban on any vehicles whose drivers cannot see adjacent road-users
– Make Oxford Street a pedestrian/cyclling only street
– All London streets to be 20mph
– Compulsory Cycle Awareness training for all truck/bus companies operating in London
– Protection for cyclists on Left Hand Turns to become standard design at major junctions
– Filtered LHT to be legal for cyclists with top priority for pedestrians.

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Use the hashtag: #TfLDieIn

2 Comments on “Stop The Killing Of Cyclists – Die-In and Vigil at TfL HQ in London, Friday 29th Nov”

  1. They’ve got about as much chance as flying in the air of getting Dutch levels of spending in the UK, with a Tory government, a Tory mayor and a spiralling national debt. According to their website Holland spends £33 per person (presumably per year) compared with £1.25 in the UK. You could call for the UK budget to be doubled or trebled. but calling for a 26 fold increase ‘NOW’ is simply crazy.

    As for pedestrianising Oxford street, I’m amazed it hasn’t been done already. I’m struggling to think of another city in the UK where the main shopping street allows buses, taxi and (at certain times) cars down it.

    But ultimately more education has to be key- you simply DO NOT go up the inside of any large vehicle that is turning left (or to be sure any large vehicle full stop). A few hard hitting safety adverts- preferably on the BBC so they stand out more- should be job number one.

  2. As someone who rides recreationally and to commute I’ve got to say some of those points seem a bit far fetched. I’m just going to pick up on one; Oxford St.

    Why should Oxford St. be pedestrianised, but allow bikes? It’s massive. How on earth do you expect people who don’t ride bikes to get up and down it? Moreover is it really advisable to allow bikes in what would be a predominantly pedestrianised area? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    For what is a pretty messy road I think they’ve got it about right – only buses and taxis for most of it, cars at the very top. If there are stats on cycling related incidents then by all means push for a safe route parallel to Oxford St and discourage bikes. But given that buses are still the most efficient way of moving people on roads from a space POV it strikes me as a bit of a selfish attitude.

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