Tax, curry and drink

This is going to be a short set of updates on account of the beastly bastard storm cloud looming up on my horizon. Yep, my tax return is due for completion. Aaargh!

More painful than a session with an arthritic dentist and duller than a month of wet Sundays in Grimethorpe, this is the one time of year I’m guaranteed to be really grouchy.

I mean, what can be more tedious than wading through a load of bollock-dull bank statements and boxes full of fading receipts? I hate this shot. And I’ll be getting very, very, very drunk when it’s done..

Anyhow, on to the week’s recap:

Ice rink at Somerset House
Strolled past the delightful ice rink at Somerset House on Saturday. Sadly didn’t get to have a go, even though I’m right up there in the league table of Really Crap Ice Skaters.

Earlier we’d walked down to Borough market, a fruit and vegetable market by London Bridge which has latterly become known for selling fine organic food and farmer’s produce. Sadly, the toffs seem to have marked it off in their leather bound PDAs because you could hardly move for upwardly mobile types pushing ridiculous SUV-like prams into your ankles.

We left smartly.

urban75 curry club meeting

On Wednesday there was yet another urban75 curry club meeting in Brick Lane, east London.

The turnout was massive, the curry mighty fine (although not quite up to the mighty standard of Khan’s in Brixton) and we all got drunk and took stupid photos of each afterwards.

Brick Lane curry

On Saturday, I checked out the excellent National Portrait Gallery and the popped in for a coffee at the Crypt Cafe at St Martin-in-the-Fields (by Leicester Square)
Crypt Cafe at St Martin-in-the-Fields

It’s something of an under-rated gem, serving up big healthy portions of no-nonsense British food at reasonable (for central London) prices. Recommended!

Right. Now back to this bastard tax return (mumble, moan….)


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