‘Oval Tube Bomb’ – Curry 1 Terrorists 0

Curry 1 Terrorists 0

So the tubes were in a chaos, the buses weren’t running and chunks of London were sealed off with police tape – but we had a date with a curry!

We decided to walk the 4-odd miles to the Strand, and it turned out to be a very pleasurable experience indeed.

With many roads closed and no buses running, walking along Kennington Road felt like a trip back to the early 20th century, with lines of commuters walking back in the early evening sunshine.

Crossing Waterloo Bridge. In central London, everything was back to normal, with the bustling streets punctuated with al fresco diners and groups of people enjoying an apres-work drink or two.

We enjoyed a lovely curry – another impromptu meal for the urban75 Book Club – at the gloriously down-at-heel India Club. The food isn’t the greatest, but it’s a good old fashioned no-nonsense curry house, where you can bring in your beer and take your time.


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