The death of Our Price records, Brixton Road, Brixton

The death of Our Price records, Brixton Road, Brixton

It almost seems like a distant memory now, but it wasn’t that long ago that you’d find big name record shops on most High Streets around the land – like this view of Our Price Records on Brixton Road in September, 2000.

The death of Our Price records, Brixton Road, Brixton

The Brixton branch, opened in the early 1990s, had the distinction of being Our Price’s 300th store, although it turned out to be one of their shortest lived.

The retailer first launched in 1972 and went on to own hundreds of shops around the UK, becoming second only to the mighty Woolworths when it came to shifting records and tapes.

The death of Our Price records, Brixton Road, Brixton

Rebranding ahoy

By the end of the 1980s, rival store HMV had overtaken Our Price for sales, and after some big-business buyout shenanigans involving WH Smith and Virgin, the brand name started to vanish, with stores being renamed as VShops.

This move was bad news for music fans, with back catalogues of CDs disappearing from the racks as the new business concentrated on flogging Virgin branded mobile phones as much as the music.

Such was the paltry selection of CDs on offer by this time, I started buying most of my tunes from the (sadly) now-vamooshed branch of Brixton Woolworths across the road.

The death of Our Price records, Brixton Road, Brixton

Eventually describing itself as a “Virgin Megastore Xpress” (whatever that means), the Brixton store underwent several increasingly glitzy refurbs before finally succumbing to closure some time in the mid 2000s.

It’s now a Poundland Store.

Music Temple records, Brixton Village for your reggae vinyl needs

Independents live on

It’s not all bad news for Brixtonites though, as several fine independent record stores live on, like Selectors Music Emporium on Brixton Hill and Music Temple records in Brixton Village – both stores well worthy of your custom.

We’ll be running a full feature on all of Brixton’s independent record stores on our sister website, BrixtonBuzz soon, so be sure to give it a look.

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[Our Price story on Wikipedia]

7 Comments on “The death of Our Price records, Brixton Road, Brixton”

  1. Woah, i remember Our Price, we had one in Newport for ages, I thinks its a holland an barrett or something nowadays.

    We still have one independent music store though (a dying breed) that kicks ass, “Diverse Music”, definitely worth a look for true music fans and vinyl heads!

  2. Worked there in its heyday. Amazing times and amazing people. Anyone know what happened to Red Records along the way? Used to be my guilty lunchtime pleasure.

  3. what happend to bon marcha, morleys, MnS, Littlewoods,brixton shopping centre, the bustling arcades and markets and for the less welloff the stalls by the arches just near David Greggs an array of all kinds of shops. abc and odeon cinemas not to forget the ole fle pit the regal…… further up brixton hill a great dept store Mattters………
    WHAT HAPPEND TO OUR BRIXTON a great place to shop and visit…. all gone…. music music music and more music, cheap swag shops drugs in abundance now grace the pavements of sw9

  4. Devoted 3 years of my (working) life to this shop. Wonderful memories. Cindy: Morleys and M&S are still there. Bon Marche is a TK Maxx. Despite the over-saturation of nail bars, friend chicken outlets and poundshops, its still a great place to shop for those of us on a low income. You have the choice of the big chains or the smaller, specialist, retail and food tucked away behind the main roads. Electric Ave is great for fresh produce. However, a bookstore selling new books is noticeably absent as is a decent CD/Video//Vinyl shop or exchange but they will never happen in this day and age.

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