The Effra & The Albert, Brixton

Had a fine night tonight drinking in two fine old Brixton boozers:

The Effra
Effra pub, Brixton
Effra pub, Brixton

First stop was the Effra Tavern, a traditional boozer in Kellet Road that often puts on live jazz bands. It’s a great venue that deserves the support of locals.

Prince Albert
Prince Albert, Brixton
Prince Albert, Brixton

The Albert was having a full on punk rock night, with several impressive mohicans (that’s “Mohawks” to you US folks) on display.

Anyhow, you can read more about Brixton pubs here or see the pub locations on my new beta Brixton pub map here

Oh, and sorry for the crap quality of the pics (they were taken on my otherwise fabuous Treo 650 phone).

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