Soho’s The Old Cafe set to be booted out of the former Foyles building

The Old Cafe gets booted out of the old Foyles building

I’m well miffed to learn that The Old Cafe in Charing Cross Road – my favourite cafe in the West End – is set to be booted out by their landlord soon.

The Old Cafe opens in the former premises of Ray's Jazz Cafe in Foyles, Charing  Cross Road, London

The independent cafe was trading in the space vacated when the Foyles bookstore moved their flagship store a few metres down Charing Cross Road.

The new owners had put in considerable effort into providing a laid back, welcoming and arty space and it’s one that made a refreshing change from all the nearby shiny corporate chains.

A posting on their Facebook page details their dilemma:

Sad news. For those of you who have not been in recently, we regret to inform you that we are being kicked out so that You Me Bum Bum Train can set up camp in the old Foyles building. Planning permission for change of use has not been granted yet, however that is not stopping the landlord from kicking us out so that YMBBT can move in.

What will happen if planning permission is not granted? Will we be allowed back? Nobody knows. We have tried to contact YMBBT in the hope that they will allow us to stay! however despite several emails! no response. We are very saddened by this turn of events.

There are quite a few small businesses in the building at present, all trying to earn a living. Artists and charities too….. All being asked to leave for a not for profit theatre production. Please pop into the cafe over the next week and leave us your email address so we can keep you updated. Also, please contact us if you think you can help, or know of a new home for us.

We are very sorry for this news, we invested a lot to move back Into the space after having to leave last year. We were very much looking forward to remaining at least until the end of the year. Please let us (or others) have your thoughts. Best wishes, the old cafe.

Can you help? Any ideas? Please drop them a line via their Facebook page.

Chat about the cafe on the urban75 forums.

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