The US Tea Party – the shocking, crazy, mixed-up truth [video]

The US Tea Party - the shocking truth

Lordy. This is terrifying stuff.

Read on for some example quotes from Tea Party members:

Divorce and social security are some of this country’s “wicked ways” says Sharron Angle, Nevada, who has gone on record saying that she would deny an abortion to a girl who had been raped by her own father.

“There is no problem that abortion can’t make worse. I have good friends who were the product of rape” insists Glen Urquhart, Delaware, who thinks that anyone who supports the separation of church and state must be a “Nazi.”

Check out the clip below and expect to be baffled, shocked and quite probably depressed by the terrifying nonsense trotted out by some near-insane Tea Party candidates:


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  1. While the candidates highlighted are no doubt a bunch of right wing headbangers, I can’t say as I like the style of this video. Far too quick, trying to cram too much in. And with debate or deeper investigation into these views.

    Perhaps there’s something to be said for the BBCs style of presentation of politics.

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