Two baffling London Underground signs – a dry dropper and a service void

Two baffling London Underground signs

Spotted on a recent trip on London’s tube network were these two curious signs.

I have no idea what a ‘dry dropper’ is, but it sounds like someone might suffer after a long cold.

Two baffling London Underground signs

I have to say that I was very curious as to what lay behind this panel. A portal into a different world, perhaps?

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  1. Probably not although you do see them a lot near the stairs in multi storey buildings .I’m not sure but I think the “DRY” part refers to the fact that there is no water in the tubing that the Fire Service feeds off and water has to be connected from the Fire Engine and pumped up to where it is needed . I can only surmise that a Dry Dropper works in the opposite direction perhaps with a water supply on the roof and it is fed by gravity when needed ..
    As for Service Void that is easier ..It’s a just a removable panel to allow access to the VOID ( open space ) behind the panel .

  2. Yes a Dry Riser is as Stuart_B says just the pipe work that the Fire Brigade connect to it saves them the issue of running hoses up many stories in a building. You also get Wet Risers too where there is a pressurised water supply for fire fighting, in this case the FB just connect a hose to the the Wet Riser outlet and turn on the valve to start the flow of water.
    Either of these are tested periodically to make sure they work and aren’t leaking.

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