View from my window

Testing the Palm Treo/Splashblog mobile blogging tools – with this combo I can snap a picture on my Treo 650 phone, rattle off a caption and upload it to my blog in seconds!

It’s been a bit of a bugger to set up though, but I’ll give it a good try out tomorrow.

It’s free to use (unless you’re a hard core blogger) and has a simple interface that (when you’ve worked it out) makes it easy to blast out blogs on the move.
Check it out here SplashBlog

Today’s album

The Jam: All Mod Cons
Here’s where Paul Weller matured as a songwriter, combining his early mod/Who influences with a contemporary New Wave attitude.

Stuffed full of classic songs, Weller covers a lot of musical ground, from the acoustic beauty of ‘English Rose’ into the angry post-pub aggro of “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight.” It’s a fabulous album and still sounds fresh as fuck today.

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