Whizz through London’s newly completed Crossrail tunnels – video

A drone's eye view of Crossrail's completed rail tunnels

Here’s a pleasant enough way to pass away six minutes: the Crossrail Project have released a ‘drone’s eye view of Crossrail’s completed rail tunnels,’ showing off the completed tunnelling work.

A drone's eye view of Crossrail's completed rail tunnels

Truth be told, it’s a little bit light on actual drone footage, but there’s still plenty to enjoy, with high speed footage of the tunnels being traversed and details of the work explained.

Here’s the video – scroll down for the full accompanying blurb.

The PR blurb:

The Prime Minister and Mayor of London Boris Johnson celebrated the completion of Crossrail’s tunnels by going 40 metres below the capital to thank the men and women who are constructing the new £14.8 billion east-west railway.

Crossrail tunnelling began in the summer of 2012 and ended at Farringdon with the break through of tunnelling machine Victoria. Eight 1,000 tonne tunnelling machines have bored 26 miles or 42 km of new 6.2m diameter rail tunnels under London.

Construction is also advancing on the ten new Crossrail stations and on works above ground west of Paddington and east of Stratford. Over 10,000 people are currently working on Crossrail, including over 450 apprentices.

With the arrival of Crossrail in 2018, Farringdon will become one of the UK’s busiest rail hubs with direct connections to London Underground and upgraded and expanded Thameslink services. This brand new interchange will transform the way passengers travel through London and the South East, providing more capacity and direct connections to three of London’s five airports and international rail services at St Pancras. Passengers will also benefit from quicker connections and will be able to travel to Tottenham Court Road in three minutes, Heathrow in just over 30 minutes and Canary Wharf in nine minutes.


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  1. I think this prodject is the worst thing that could have been built a fast direct rout for more immigrants to get to London and that’s just what the govament is planning to take our jobs homes my father who died on the beaches will be turning in his grave

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