Wrexham and Shropshire: finest railway company in the UK?

We’ve just been up to Chirk (nr Wrexham) and back using the new Wrexham and Shropshire railway company and the service was fantastic.

The fare was £28 each return, we had a lovely train on the way up with – get this – friendly table service of freshly prepared and cooked food. Loads of locally sourced food was available including absolutely delicious Welsh cakes from Llangollen.

On the way back things got even better with the first class carriage being opened up to standard class travellers, and really tasty meals being served to our table on china plates. The service was friendly, fast and the food high quality, all at a cut down price and if you travel first class you get a free cooked meal!

Bravo Wrexham and Shropshire!

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