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Cardiff City FC

Merthyr Town 0 Cardiff City 2
Friendly, 7th July, 2007

A hot summer's day saw a boring 2-0 victory over Merthyr.

Chopra's first goal was never in doubt as he received a chip over the defence that landed neatly for him in front of goal.

His second was trickier as he found himself one on one with the goalie to the left of goal. A slow side footer to the right side of the goal keeper saw the ball trickle into the net from an awkward angle. A championship goal keeper should have saved such a shot.

After one last opportunity for a hat-trick (which Chopra unselfishly passed to Johnston who missed) Chopra was substituted to give Matthew Green a chance and so didn't getting any further opportunity for a hat-trick.


Despite the goals though the match was largely uninspiring with Cardiff never leaving 3rd gear.

The majority of the days entertainment though came from the comedic drunken streaker who made not one but three appearances as despite the heavy presence of police outside the ground to organise traffic no one gave a shit what happened in the ground. Which was great for the fans as the streaker was very funny and we got to smoke and drink from the stands.

Cold cans of Strongbow or Carling (from the bar or off the back of a refrigerated Peter's Pies van lol), fags, footy and sun. A lovely combination even if the football wasn't awe inspiring.

City took the opportunity to practice lots of backheels and leaving the ball run. Any true team would have punished City for their cavalier attitude to possesion but they got away with it today.

In the first streaker incident he merely ran up to the 20 yard line in his grey boxers. On the way back to his stand he poked his willy through his fly and waved it around a bit to the amusement of the stand containing all his mates. He finally left the pitch to chants of Gary! Gary!


Emboldened by his previous success he cam on about 15 minutes later and did a complete lap of the pitch with his pants down around his thighs whilst the Merthyr keeper held onto the ball until it was over.

He approached Merthyr's former Swansea player (I forget the name) and offered his hand to shake whilst his pants were still down. Said player went to shake his hand in amusement when 'Gary' suddenly pulled his hand back in a masterly psyche and proceeded unsuccessfully to tug the player's shorts down.

This resulted in hoots derision and the usual cries of, 'you jack bastard'. Upon returning to the stand this time they chanted his last name so if the authorities want to find him I doubt they'll have much trouble.


The third time he came on he did a number of forward rolls in Merthyr's corner whilst play continued oblivious to his antics. He ran off behind the goal mouth, over into the stands and proceeded to do a lap of the outside of the ground whilst the ref blew the final whistle. I've no idea if he ever returned for his clothes.

With the whistle blown Cardiff fans invaded the pitch. Although it was less of an invasion and more like a leisurely stroll over to get what player signatures people could before using the pitch as a short cut to the only exit.

I had the opportunity to get Matthew Green's 'one last signature' but i saw a young girl who wanted it too and so lent her my pen to get her scarf signed (well it means more to the kids don't it). I did get my (already signature covered) baseball cap signed by the number 14 but neither i or my mates knew who the hell he was lol. Shame on us.

All in all the most informal professional football match you've ever seen in your life but a most enjoyable fun day out for the £8 price of a ticket.


I nearly forgot. The pies weren't much cop as they were cold. Unlike Ninian Park the cans of soft drink were cold too (but thats a good thing). No burgers available but they did have fairy cakes decorated with pictures of footballs on top. I bought my mates and I one each for a laugh but they were very nice actually.

Still can't get over them handing out cans and letting you take them wherever. If only all grounds were this laid back. That and the fact we were greeted at the ground by the Mayor holding a big red bucket for the Mayor's Appeal.

I nearly asked him where sealion was but he wouldn't have got it. Can you imagine Ken Livingston out on the streets with a bucket asking for donations. That's Merthyr for you though, they don't have any pretensions.

Marius © 2007

Marius © 2007

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JULY 2007
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