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Bulletin board copyright
A short guide

1. Your posts on the boards

You retain full copyright in everything you write on these boards; by posting on urban75 you agree that material may be archived on any part of the site, if appropriate (that is, for readers who are lawyers: you grant an indefinite licence to urban75* to reproduce your words, here and only here.).

This is to ensure that interesting threads are properly archived and read by as many people as possible - and it'll also save us the hassle of having to go around PM'ing everyone asking for permission individually.

(Please note: all posts are already automatically archived via the database functionality of the boards.).

Naturally, urban75 will never, ever seek to profit from this material - if we are approached by someone asking about reproduction rights, we will forward the enquiry directly to the poster(s) concerned.


2. Copyright

Copyright in each post remains with the author of that post; urban75 holds both the "database right" and a separate "compilation" copyright in entire threads and in the boards as a whole.

This means that we can take action against anyone who rips off chunks of threads, as well as individual posters being able to take action against those who rip off their words.

In the past, large chunks of the site have been used by newspapers without permission. In future, we will use our rights to protect urban75 content from commercial exploitation without permission and we encourage posters to use theirs.


Your posts are yours, you keep copyright in them and no-one can legally use them elsewhere without your permission; By posting, you give permission for your post to appear on urban75; and The collection and the database that are urban75 belong to urban75 as a whole.

(*urban75 refers to the websites registered under, and

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