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Want to play Offline?

Our club night is nothing without the great bands, performers and DJs who make it happen, so if you'd like to get involved, get in touch.

Well known performers at our club have included Rob Newman, Stewart Lee, Portico Quartet, Richard Herring, Josie Long, Tom Robinson, Howard Marks, Jim Bob (Carter USM) and John Hegley, but we don't mind if you're famous or not - so long as you're good!

Offline club bookings - contatc us

Bands/comedians/poets etc

We're always interested in putting on new and established acts (the more eclectic the better) but please remember that our club nights are always free entry - so if you're looking for deluxe hotels, handmaidens, vast backstage riders with crisp white towels provided, be advised: our budget is tighter than a crab's rear end.

That said, we will always do our best to ensure that all your expenses are covered and that you have a great night out with ample beer.

Fun crowds, no pressure

Bands always love playing Offline because the crowds are so much fun (check out some pics of our gigs here) and we don't do any of that 'pay to play' nonsense or insist that you have to bring a crowd along. As promoters, that's our job!

Please note that we have some backline available (drums, amps), so you may be able to travel light and just bring along your instruments and get stuck in.

If you are looking for a gig, please contact us via the form below, and be sure to include links so we can see/hear what you do (YouTube/MySpace, SoundCloud, Facebook etc) and include some background info about your act, available dates etc etc.

To see what kind of acts we put on, check out our gig photo galleries.

Offline club bookings


We love to put on guest DJs, so drop us a line if you fancy spinning some platters that matter.

We're more interested in hearing about your passion for your music rather than seeing you showing off your multi-source, beat-matching skillz, and we're not really looking for mouse-clicking, menu-scrolling tech fiends. We rather like vinyl and CDs, thanksverymuch.

We sort of expect you to have at least visited the club already so you have some idea about the place too. Fill in the form below and tell us more.

Offline club bookings

DJ Swapsies!

If you run your own club and it's vaguely in the same ballpark as ours - i.e your driving force is playing great songs and having a laugh - then DJ swaps can be fun.

Here's how they work: some of your DJs can play at one of our London nights for a couple of hours, and we'll come along and play at yours - and if it's in another city/country, all the better!

Contact us below:

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