Actionettes at HDIFTBL, Brixton

Lager weekend

I still haven’t managed to quite shake off the buzz from the mad hedonism of Glastonbury, so this weekend continued in a similarly alcoholic haze. My poor liver!

Actionettes at How Does It Feel To Be Loved

On Friday, I went to the excellent How Does It Feel To Be Loved

Serving up an eclectic mix of tunes from The Smiths to The Supremes to Aztec Camera to Dolly Parton, it’s on at the first Friday of every month at the non-nonsense Canterbury Arms, 8 Canterbury Crescent, Brixton.

Dancers at How Does It Feel To Be Loved

The Actionettes put in a storming set and much rug-cutting took place on the dance floor.

Sadly, the economically priced lager led to some rather over enthusiastic dancing on my part. I probably looked like a drunk uncle at an office party.

On Saturday, we trekked up Brixton Hill to the Windmill for their Country and Western special. The floor was suitably scatterd with sawdust, a wobbly pair of saloon doors thwacked punters passing the bar and good-time C&W; was pumping from the stage as several excellent bands did their slide guitar thang.

I think I’m beginning to like country music a lot. Isn’t that a sign of getting old?

Oh, and talking of Glastonbury, my Glasto pics and panoramas are now online!

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