Long weekend- HDIFTBL, Brixton

It’s been a long weekend!

Friday I enjoyed a quaff with loads of chums in the trusty Prince Albert, Brixton before checking out a new club night in the Canterbury Arms – a no-nonsense, Irish bar behind Brixton market.

It’s a great pub, with lots of odd idiosyncrasies like a couple of authentic fairground ‘bendy’ mirrors on the stage and a fabulous 1970s style back-lit, wooden ‘Manhattan Skyline’ feature by the DJ area.

The blood splattered on the ceiling suggests that it’s had the odd bit of rough’n’tumble the over the years, but I’d rather drink in a ‘real’ community pub than some plastic bar for scoot-stickers.

The club was called How Does it Feel to be Loved, and the DJs played a great eclectic mix of Motown, Dexys, Velvets and The Smiths.

Suffice to say we all got drunk. Very drunk.

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