I made the mistake of popping into Fopp Records, Cambridge Circus.

My trips there always follow the same pattern:

“No, I won’t buy any records, I’ll just see what they’ve got…”

“Wow! I’ve been after that for ages!”

“Fuck, that’s a good price…”

“Maybe just then one CD then… make that two…”

“Well, if I’m going to queue, I may as well get a load…”

So I left the shop clutching the usual bulgin’ bag full of old and new releases including, Bowie ‘Hunky Dory’ (to replace my worn out LP), Morrissey ‘Vauxhall and I’, Peter Gabriel 3 (‘for the brilliant ‘Biko’), Mull Historical Society ‘Us’ and the fabulous Marjorie Fair…

Now say after me… must stay away from Fopp…must stay away from Fopp…..

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