Good news from the Raven, NYC!

Good news from the Raven, NYC!

Happily, the building has passed the city’s inspector’s tests and – with luck – may be reopening in a month or so!

urban75 bulletin board users posted up their appreciation of this fabulous East Village bar:

Mr Retro: “I do hope they get it back together. It’s one of those bars that is nothing special on the surface but lots of small things makes it special.

For example the buy back system seems to have died out in many NYC bars around the gentrified areas but not at the raven. Even when it’s packed the barman will always remember your 4th beer and give it to you with a enthusiastic “Cheers guys!!!!””

duval: “My lasting memories of the Raven are of a friendly place where my friends and i could sit in the dim lighting and enjoy some liquor and fine tunes. I was last there on Dec 29th, 2005.

In 2001, Joey Ramone had just died (although we didn’t know it at that time)….my friend and I were walking and saw the sign out the front ‘RIP Joey Ramone’. We staggered in and were greeted with free shots (well, we are Australian), a smile and Rock n’ Roll High School on the TV screen. A night that is still talked about every time we catch up…….

Let’s hope this place is rebuilt and another LEGENDARY New York bar isn’t lost.”

Latest Raven photos by Jim

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