urban75 boards in the news!

urban75 boards in the news!
A few weeks ago we had a particularly unpleasant poster from the campaign group, ‘Fathers 4 Justice’ posting on our bulletin boards. Within a matter of hours, he’d managed to alienate just about everyone, with his abrasive manner losing support for his organisation with each post.

And today, the Guardian has covered the story! (in the Diary section)

Another day, another Father 4 Justice chained to a set of gates. We’re getting a bit bored now, so instead we’ll concentrate on an online message board, where a contributor called Batman is fighting the cause more eloquently. “All the other fuckwits on here want to get out from behind the safety of their computers and debate the issue personally with me I’ll be at The Comedy Store on Monday night – just ask for Graham,” he rants.

That’s fighting talk and can only be protester Graham Manson, we suggest to a spokesman. “I don’t know,” he blocks, “and when I spoke to him earlier today he was being chased by police outside Buckingham Palace.” Remember. These people are grown ups.

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