Williamsburg photos are up!

Williamsburg photos are up!

Well, actually, only a tiny handful are there so far (23), but I’ve made a start!

It’s going to be a massive task – I took something like 1,200 photos during my November 2005 trip.
The law of averages means that there must be quite a few half-decent ones in there, so it’s going to take a while to process and research them all.

This place is amazing. The City Reliquary is a sort of DIY “window museum” stuffed full of old bits of New York, including a chunk of metal off Williamsburg Bridge, old coins, a sand bucket, discarded false teeth, “an aquatic fruit found in the Hudson River” and a little bottle of soil taken from a small island in New York bay

The people behind the museum – who clearly don’t take themselves too seriously – describe the City Reliquary as a “pleasant and safe place for people to gather, relax, disseminate information, and enjoy the comradery provided by a city of over eight million people.”

They also put on community events (“Sidewalk receptions “) that look like a whole lot of fun. We like them.

The City Reliquary Museum

My new Williamsburg photos (more soon!)

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