Happy New Year! (Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda )

Eeek! I’m still recovering from last night’s monster mash-up at Unsound in Camberwell – what a session that was – I didn’t get in till 8am and I’ve barely slept a wink. But it was worth it!

The night was fantastic – there was a massive turnout of Urbanites, three floors of madness, with the basement party reminding me of the mad-for-it bashes at the mighty – and much missed – Cooltan Arts squat

Despite having a hangover the size of a small country, I’ve managed to update my Lost pubs of Brixton feature, documenting closed boozers around the area, and will be adding a section on vanished cinemas, theatres and gigs soon.

I’ve also posted up the pics from the urban75 Christmas curry at Khan’s, Brixton last month. We took over the place and the curry rocked!

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