Friday night mash-up! at ULU London

Friday night mash-up!

I’m doing a mini-Offline type event at Birkbeck College this Friday.
Entry is free. Beer is cheap. Very cheap.

I had trouble coming up with a name, but after unwisely thinking ‘Billy Birkbeck’s Bumper Big Bevy Bonanza’ was a great name for all of 20 mins, I plumped for ‘Tinseltown’. I like it, anyway. For now.

Friday 7th October 7-midnight

Birkbeck College SU Bar
4th Floor,
Malet Street
London WC1

Dubversion and Editor

Live Act
Helen McCookeryBook

Vic’s Cabaret Corner with
Your host Vic Lambrusco
Ant The Rant “Acidic Verse From Colostomy Del Mar”
Sarah Daggar-Nickson “A Finger Of The Wise On Triviality’s Pulse”

Entry: FREE!

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