urban75 stats – Sept 2005


For those of you interested in this kind of thing, here’s the urban75 traffic stats for September 2005.

Bulletin boards Sept 05
New posters registered: 872
New threads: 4,214
New posts: 137,121
Average unique users logging on per day: 1,500

urban75.net Sept 05
Unique users: 77,658
Number of visits: 168,047
Page impressions: 3,683,955 (122,798 pages per day)
Hits: 24,050,191

urban75.org Sept 05
Unique users: 195,378
Number of visits: 270,807
Page impressions: 1,703,629 (56,778 pages per day)
Hits: 20,414,662

As ever, these figures do not include traffic to urban75.com because I can’t be arsed to download the huge (700+ meg) weekly log file!

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