Offline photos, bikes and Blagging Lizzy

Offline photos, bikes and Blagging Lizzy

Thursday’s Offline at the Dogstar was a hoot – there was a busy crowd and the acts were excellent. And I got drunk.

Last week, I took delivery of my new folding bike – a groovy number going under the name of ‘Dahon Jetstream P8’ and sporting full suspension.
I’ve only gone for a small test ride with Em up to Brockwell Park, but I’ll post up some photos and opinions soon – but so far, I’m very impressed.
I can’t wait to take it on a train and pedal off from my destination!

I’ve also just posted up a new feature on the site, Blagging Lizzy, the audacious tale of how I managed to bluff my way into a major concert hall to see the mighty Thin Lizzy on a hand drawn ticket!

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