Glastonbury 2005: Friday: Mud, rivers and sunshine

Friday: Mud, rivers and sunshine
When I left my tent on Friday morning, little did I know I’d be walking out into faithful representation of The Somme.

By Lost Vagueness, a large chunk of a field was under several feet of water,with just the tops of tents visible above the murky lagoon.

Apparently, campers were forced to swim for their lives in the dark of night as the water rushed down from the hillside.

By the Other Stage, a twenty foot wide river bursted through a campside as it created a new tributary impassable to anyone without wellies.

The ground around the site quickly turned into the familiar Glasto bog.

All the acts started late because of safety fears. The Dance Tent was hit by lightning and damaged.

The roof of the Avalon tent had to cut open as a trapped pool of water was causing the metal stanchions to buckle.

We met loads of people who had lost their tents, sleeping bags, everything.

Eventually, the rain cleared to reveal a murky day. Beer was called for. And more.

Checked out the end of Babyshambles. V. unimpressed. Former camping neighbour Willy Mason was superb.

Picked up Eme from the bus stop at 11 and guided her through the muddy armegeddon, dropped off her bags and then off to see White Stripes who kicked ass.

More drink and sliding about in the Green Fields till late,followed by ace bean burgers at Delilahs…

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