The quagmire returns – rain in London

The quagmire returns
‘The chances of getting a heavy downpour are quite small’, said a Met Office spokesman yesterday.

Yeah, rrrright.

Last night was the meanest, loudest, heaviest and longest thunderstorm I can ever recall.

From about 4am to 11am,the rain thudered, nay, cascaded down on my beleaguered tent.

Almighty claps of thunder guaranteed that sleep was all but a distant hope as the heavenly pyrotechnics did their worst.

When I finally emerged from my tent, the whole field was covered in a 5cm layer of water, rapidly turning into the trademark Glasto sludge.

The rain’s finally stopped, but the paths are already turning into ankle deep rivers of mud. I suspect it’s going to get worse.

Will it spoil my enjoyment of the weekend? Will it fuck. Let’s party!

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