Glastonbury 2004, Day Five

Glasto Day Five (Sun)

With the toilets overflowing and supplies of babywipes running perilously low, things are starting to get very messy indeed.

Yesterday’s downpour ensured that most of the site is one big field of brown slurry, peppered with unidentifiable lumpy bits.

Attempting to traverse the main pathways is now something of an act of advanced balancing, with slippery wellies sending drunken legs in multiple directions.

But the weather has cleared up!

Sunday offered the best bill by far – but sadly many of the gigs clashed with each other.

Faced with an overload of decision making, we decided to trek up to the Green Fields instead, taking cover in a hippy tea tent while the heavens opened. They did a nice brandy coffee.

We checked out the Small World stage and the SchNEWS tents (they were showing some excellent activist videos) before getting back to the Pyramid Stage to see Josh Stone.

You’ve probably already heard about this 16 year old white Devon girl with the voice of a 40 year old black woman, but it is something to see live.

Some of her songs perhaps weren’t the strongest, but compared to her preening all-girl band contemporaries, she’s a hugely talented girl with a bright future.

Some quaffing around the Cider Bus ensued before we settled down to watch Morrissey (but it was a very tough decision choosing between Mozza and GoldieLookinChain).

Happily, Morrissey rewarded our decision with a storming set which proved to be one of my Glasto highlights.

Mixing in a few old Smiths song with some strong material, Mozza put in a compelling performance, with some quirky inbetween song announcements (“don’t buy my album”…”do you feel disgusting in all that mud? That’s how I feel everyday…without the mud”)

Things got a little messy from here on in. We got drunk, ended up at the backstage dance tent for a strange People’s Republic of Disco and slid home…

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