A long week Carter USM, Windmill, PROD

A long week

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been a bit hectic. I’ve been busy sorting out the next Offline at the Dogstar, this Thursday (16th December),

We’ve sorted out a great bill of DJs, stand-up and poets, and – for the first time – we’ll be showcasing the skills of Dr Jazzz and his boogie woogie mash up!

Thanks to the generosity of an urban75-er, I’ve now got a laptop for the night, so I’ll be projecting a collection of my Brixton photos on the main dance floor walls.

I spent several days creating over thirty brand-spanking-new New York panoramas – check ’em out!

On Thursday, I was DJing at a birthday party for Fruitbat (formerly of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine) at the fabulous Brixton Windmill.

The DJ bit is unusually situated behind the bar and looks out onto the stage which is a bit strange, but I enjoyed myself and played an eclectic bunch of sounds, from Iggy Pop to Dogs Die in Hot Cars to Ladytron.

When a girl started motioning at me from the bar, I thought she was so impressed by my musical taste that she simply had to know what cutting edge tune I was playing. Sadly, it wasn’t my musical taste she was interested in. Or even my body. She only wanted two pints of lager and a glass of wine.

So at least I know that I look more like a barman than a DJ. Time to get some new clothes, methinks….

Leicester Square

Saturday, I took a wander around the Photographer’s Gallery and checked out the Schweppes Photo Competition in the National Portrait Gallery before grabbing some pics in Leicester Square.

Leicester Square

There was an old fashioned funfair filling the square and it was pleasingly quite empty (which made a change from the heaving throng on Oxford Street – a place to avoid throughout December).

Saturday night, I was back up the Windmill for my monthly dose of PROD. I got drunk and danced like a grinning nutter.

Sunday, we checked out the new West Indian restaurant at the ever improving Dogstar and it was fabulous!
They had a Trinidadian live band in attendance who created a lively sound that seemed to mix Mexican music with African sounds. Tremendous stuff!

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