Illustrated Ape and Dogstar Offline

Weekend update…

Offline at the Dogstar on Thursday truly rocked – there was a good crowd, some great acts, some fabulous visuals and a fantastic vibe – a big thanks to all those who helped put on the night. The next one will be our Christmas party on the 16th December – don’t miss it!

On Friday I went to the launch party of the ‘Japanese’ edition of the trendy UK art mag, The Illustrated Ape. My chum Marcus was DJing some top C&W;/60s tunes, while some dodgy bands were busy being ‘controversial’ in the back room (gimp mask wearing singers and stocking wearing, breast flashing punkettes is soooooo 1977 donchaknow!)

Saturday I got to use my free pedometer, as supplied by crisp manufacturer Walkers, no doubt cynically issued in an attempt to associate ‘fitness’ with their lardy products.

I gave it a good work out, and strutted around town, had lunch at the Photographers Gallery, bought some discounted ‘DJ’ headphones at the fabulous Richer Sounds and hit Fopp for another bundle of cheap CDs before walking up to Warren Street tube.

By 6pm I’d managed a mighty 10,296 steps according to my pedometer, but decided to take it off before going to the pub that night (I’m not sure if it would measure drunken swaying anyway)

Sunday was a chilled out day. Popped in the Dogstar to sort out the next Offline night, grabbed brunch in the Lounge with Tim, Eme and Ben and then home to stare at my huge pile of NYC photos and try to will them on to my website….

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