Wheelie Bin DJ and deadlines

A feast’o’deadlines
I guess it was inevitable with all my travelling of the past two months, but I’m now face to face with some mo’fo’ deadlines that are in danger of seriously impacting on my Quaff Time – and that’s not good.

Still, I managed to grab a few beers last night at the Pillars Of Hercules, a fine, old school Soho boozer on Greek St.

We were there for a reunion of the hard-drinking Benidorm Wild Weekend crew.

The fabulous “Wheelie Bin” DJ from the Benidorm cafe was doing his stuff, knocking out top 50s rockabilly tunes from his home made mobile jukebox, complete with weird spinning dolls and 60s style annoucements of each song.

There was also a full contingent of Actionettes and Action Men in attendance, as well as a fair size urbanites mob.

We were rubbish at the quiz but I reckon we were pretty good at the drinking.

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