Wild Weekend in Benidorm, Spain.

The Wild Weekend

Last weekend we partied hard – very hard indeed – at the bonkers drink-fest that is the Wild Weekend in Benidorm, Spain.

Benidorm has long been a holiday favourite for the British fish’n’chip crowd and as a result has attracted a huge ex-pat community who haven’t the slightest interest in anything Spanish.

So there’s loads of Union Jack emblazoned shops proudly boasting: “only British produce sold here”, streets stuffed full of depressing pubs, faithfully styled on mid-1970s northern boozers and tacky clubs offering the kind of cabaret you thought had fallen off Blackpoor Pier several decades ago. Inbetween the dire cover bands, dodgy drag acts and ‘bawdy’ comedians, one club even offered a “Lesbian Half Hour”!

Happily, a short walk away from this beery nonsense is some fine Spanish bars and beautiful countryside and – of course – the joys of the Wild Weekend, which is a kind of roackabilly-meets-mod music and dance dressing up festival!

I haven’t had chance to do the captions yet, but you can see the photos from the weekend here

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