The Nikon D70 dSLR has landed!

The D70 has landed!

My first picture with my D70 – a handheld 1 sec exposure from my window

After weeks and weeks of waiting, the replacement for my dodgy Minolta A2 camera has finally arrived and I’m now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Nikon D70 camera!.

Compared to my previous digital cameras, this one’s a heavyweight mo’fo, but it feels just grand in the hand, finished off in a ‘pro’ black finish with enough features to keep serial twiddler and tweakers in a state of deep chuffdom.

Of course, the best bit of using a SLR is the fact you can slap on different lenses, although they certainly ain’t cheap for the Nikon.

Seeing as I’m already casting envious eyes towards esoteric fish-eye lenses and village-illuminating flashguns, I expect I’ll soon be troubling e-bay with a veritable boot sale of all my old camera gear to fund my habit.

And once I’ve got my head around the D70’s mission control of an interface, it will sadly be time to also bid a fond adieu to my trusty Sony F717 – a tremendous, hi-tech looking camera, whose gleaming silver finish tended to attract way too much interest in the street for my liking.

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