Where’s my chuffin’ camera? (rant)

Where’s my chuffin’ camera?

(warning: dull rant ahead)

Any of you who yawned through my extra-dull ‘what camera shall I buy’ marathon muse will recall that I finally settled on a Minolta A2 which performed admirably until its focusing went all jazz-funk on me.

So I took it back and ordered a super-swish Nikon D70 – my first SLR camera for 20 years!

Or rather it would be if Nikon would get off their arses and produce one for me.

It’s now been 6 weeks and rising on the waiting list. I want my camera! Now!

(cue: sounds of feet stamping and toys being thrown out of pram)

And while I’m in a ranting mood, here’s another thing that winds me up: publicly slobbering, fawning couples.

Right now, I’m trying to enjoy a coffee and brie roll in the Photographers Gallery but facing me is two of the wettest couples I’ve ever seen, all kissy, simpering, doe eyed and lovey-dovey.

Stop it. Fuck off. This is a place for eating food not each other’s faces.

The bastards.

(guess whose girlfriend is away for the weekend!)

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