Photographic quandary – what compact?

Photographic quandary

I’m currently flogging off a load of bits’n’bobs around the flat so that I can afford a new digital camera – but which one to go for? Here’s the current contenders (all 5 megapixel beasts w/zoom and manual controls galore).

First up is the Sony DSC V1. Advantages: tiny size, fast as a slippery eel on a greasy slide, uses memory stick (I’ve already got lots of them), fab night modes

Disadvantages: no swivelling viewfinder, no second curtain flash, duff battery life

Next contender is Nikon Coolpix 5400.

Advantages: wide angle zoom lens, quite small, rotating viewfinder

Disadvantages: tiny LCD panel, fiddly operation, not so fast

And the final option is the Canon PowerShot G5 .

Advantages: great resolution, stuffed full of features, swivelling viewfinder, big battery life

Disadvantages: the clunkiest, chunkiest mutha of the three. Expensive

And here’s the rub: none of the cameras have everything I need – if only I could bolt on a swivelling viewfinder onto Sony’s camera and add Canon’s features I’d be a well chuffed photo-bunny. Ho hum…

An outside contender is the Sony DSC-F717 which would be absolutely perfect if it wasn’t for that bazooka-sized lens bolted on to the front…

What to do?!

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