Clubs, beer and art

Clubs, beer and art

Thursday saw the first all women-DJ Offline club night at the Brixton Ritzy and it was a hoot!

Offline at the Brixton Ritzy

Instead of worrying about what I was going to play I could just sit back and listen to the excellent selections being played. And get drunk, of course.

DJs included a selection from the Actionettes, my old chum Helen McCookeryBook (from Brighton punk band The Chefs and country band Helen and the Horns), Han , Furvert and Adrienne.

Offline at the Brixton Ritzy

The crowd was just about the right size too: the whole point of the night is to provide a chilled out, laid back, weekend warm-up and Thursday’s crowd was perfect!

On Friday morning I had to shake off my hangover pretty damn quick as I had to talk web strategy and knowingly opine about ‘the future of the Internet’ (eek!) in front of 35+ people from a well known media magazine.

Happily, they were a sound bunch of folks and the talk went surprisingly well. Beer money earned! 🙂

National Portrait Gallery

I popped into the National Portrait Gallery afterwards to check out the BP Portrait Award 2004. It was both inspiring and depressing.

‘Inspiring’ because some of the work was absolutely brilliant. ‘Depressing’ because some of the extraordinarily talented artists were under 25. The bastards!

I didn’t feel so much over the hill, as at the back of the Himalayan mountain range.

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