Glastonbury 2004: Day One report

Glasto: Day One report

Arrived onsite around 5pm and then embarked on an elongated faff as Dubversion attempted to blag the van straight on site.

Unfortunately, we had to hang about for several hours while workmen tried to clear the road ahead (several fences had been blown over by the toupee-lifting wind.

We eventually managed to drop the gear on site and headed off along muddy paths to the camping site.

Putting up a brand new tent (with crap instructions) in gale force winds was an experience not to be forgotten. All around us were wildly wobbling examples of what can happen if you don’t become Master of the Guideropes.

After a manful battle with the elements, we managed to get our tent erected and headed off the Urbanites Cider Bus meet up.

By the time we arrived, Scottt and Missus Scott had departed, an early victim to a day’s worth of drinking.

A suitably inebriated William and Stig were next to go – but not before William had detailed his lenghty drinking activities (and there was a lot of detail to go through!)

There were still loads of Urbanites around (although my ‘enhanced’ state means I’m unlikely to remember everyone).

So here’s a selection of the urban quaffers out last night: Dubversion, Pie 1, poulli, Onemonkey, pie eye, gergl, liberty,oiucmrt, yoss, etnea, spacehopper, el jugador…. oh fuck-I can’t remember them all – but there was loads of ’em and we had lots of fun…

Best of all, it didn’t rain when we were out- but it was a different story during the night as the ‘waterproof rating’ of our tent was put fully to the test…happily it passed with flying colours!

Today the weather’s looking good, but wellies are absolutely essential – the place has a Somme-esque air about it!

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