Alternative Euro 2004 – urban75 football team

Post weekend update:

Saturday afternoon, I popped down to St Agnes Place, an old community Kennington squat now threatened with eviction.

We couldn’t stay long as a trip to town was needed, grabbing a quick coffee in the Photographer’s Gallery.

In the evening, we went to a friend’s wedding party at the Brockwell Park Lido – and what with all that beer, the warm evening air and the poolside bar I could almost imagine I was in Greece. Well, nearly…. 😉

Brixton Lido

Next day, suitably hungover, we ventured north to Clissold Park for the Alternative Euro 2004, where urban75 were fielding a team, ably managed by their firm-but-fair coach, Amy.

urban75 football team

Sadly, it wasn’t to be a glory day for the urban75 team, but it was their first competition so it’s early days yet!

Apparently, there’s talk of a volleyball team starting up soon too!

Later on there was much drinking to be done in the Rose and Crown nearby before dashing off home to watch England turn a glorious victory into a depressing defeat in the last three minutes of the game against France.

Maybe – just maybe – my beloved Wales might finally qualify for something in my lifetime….

Oh, and finally, I’ve just posted up another big collection of photos taken from my April trip to St Ives – if you’re stuck in an office and would rather be someplace else, maybe these pics will help you pass the time and think of nicer things than some arsey accounts manager!

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