Spanking new ‘urban75 updates & blog’ page launched! (March 2004)

Spanking new ‘urban75 updates & blog’ page launched!

For too long, the blog was hidden away, only accessible by clicking on a tiny link lurking at the top of the page. Even if people found the link, they’d only get a measly little pop up window for their efforts.

But all that is going to change as I slowly unveil the brand-spanking-new urban75 blog/ site updates combo page!

Oh yes indeedy! Now all the info about site updates, new features, new photos and, of course, blog updates will all be tucked up tight on an information-tastic new page, with a new top bar icon to tempt urban75 surfers!

It’s going to take a while to get it all sorted as I have to go through the entire site and manually update every single page: and that’s going to take an eternity (the bulletin boards – being database driven – have already been updated), although the usually sharp-eyed u75 community don’t seem to have noticed it yet.

Still, I’m making a start, and if you’re still squinting away at the bijou pop-up box, click here for the full size version!

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