Some websites for your perusal

Some surfing…

While I’m waiting for the server to be updated, I’ve been surfing around a few websites.

Seeing as I can’t speak to them on the boards, here’s some blogs of my chums: Dubversion’s, err, ‘Pounding System’, Goldtop (eme), Ilona’s ‘misadventures in Publishing’, Lazy Llama’s musings and the slackly updated Sonik.

I think old age must be creeping up on me: I’ve just spent many work-shirking minutes clicking around the RSPB’s A to Z of a wildlife garden guide. It’s stuffed full of info about garden birds’n’bugs, plants and other nature-type things. It rocks!

Perhaps I should try and regain my tattered street credibility with a shout out going to Artcoup, the work of a Brooklyn based photographer. It’s a fantastic collection of urban photographs. Recommended.

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