Slightly lagered after seeing Heist play

Slightly lagered….

Well, it’s been a long couple of days.

Yesterday I was working like mad trying to finish the oft-put-off writing job and then I went off to the Ruby Lounge in Waterloo to meet some chums before legging it to Marylebone to be a guest on the late night BBC London Sadie Nine Radio Show. They had a great picture of Daleks there. Daleks are cool. Did you know that they had a satellite dish on their backs? I didn’t.

Today it was back to the writing and then up to Hammersmith for the launch of Tron2 – an impressive new video game based on the old 1982 film. I was given two rather odd-looking plastic dolls of the main male and female characters (not the funky bad guys unfortunately) which are now located in my loo (It’s full of mad stuff. One day I’ll get round to posting up some pics of it)

Then, armed with several quietly-secreted jelly vodkas, I met up with Em and went to see a band called Heist in Highbury and Islington.

And they were very good: sort of Pulp meets the Randall and Hopkirk theme tune

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