Mo:blogging on the Palm


One of the articles I wrote for Internet Magazine was a four page special on mobile blogging, explaining how you can use a Palm and a mobile phone to update blogs when you’re shuffling around town.

Most of the available software was pretty basic stuff, so I wrote to some of the developers with suggestions about how they could improve their applications – and most were very enthusiastic in their replies – in fact, such was the speed of change that I had to keep re-writing my tutorial as new features were bolted on!

The author of mo:blog was particularly keen to improve his program and he took on so many of my ideas that I’ve now received my first ever software credit for “the excellent graphic design and numerous UI usability ideas”. Which is nice 🙂

I also ended up designing the program’s icons and logo too:

Splash screen for mo:blog logo

So I’m well chuffed. I got paid to write a review for a product which I was able to help shape into something that perfectly suited my needs.


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