Domain Registry of America: dodgy SCAMMERS!

Domain Registry of America: dodgy SCAMMERS!

I’ve just received two official looking letters from the Domain Registry of America telling me that the various urban75 domains are up for renewal and failure to do so could result in the ‘loss of my online identity’.

And that’s bullshit.

These dodgy letters are clearly designed to panic inexperienced users into filling in the form and switching to their (over-priced) domain hosting (the form asks for credit card details, natch).

A search through Usenet reveals that these tossers have been trawling the internet registries and spamming domain owners en masse: so be warned if you receive one of these letters!

Oh look! I notice they’ve included two return envelopes.

Now, what shall I send them in return for their ‘offer’…. 😉

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