Map shows off the brightest 350,000 stars of the web – and urban75 is there!

A website developer has created an innovative map  showing off the biggest websites from around the world, with each one being represented by a star. And urban75 is twinkling in the heavens!

Ruslan Enikeev gathered website data from 196 countries and mapped the sites out on a ‘star map,’ with the popularity of sites being reflected by their size.

Star groups and are clustered together by nationality and topic, with each nation designated a shade of colour (e.g. UK is light blue, Russia red, China yellow, Japan purple, America turquoise etc).

Dominating the night sky are global big hitters like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Yahoo.

To save you having to boldly go where no one has gone before, there’s a handy search bar for looking up specific websites, but please note that you’ll need to add the appropriate ‘.com’, ‘,’ ‘.org’ etc suffix to find individual sites.

You can also search by country – typing in ‘United Kingdom’ produces a map totally dominated by

Three stars

Naturally, I had to see if urban75 was included in the list of top sites, and was chuffed to find that we appear no less than three times, for the, and sites.

The Internet Map project is a non-profit endeavour, and the developer Enikeev is asking for donations to keep the site up and running: check out the site here – – and lob a few pennies his way if you like what you see.

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